11 Things to do at Home to Keep the Vibes High

WE are living in strange days and unchartered waters, but we are all in this together, please remember you are not alone, it is important to be resilient and to keep the vibes high. Here are ten little things to help keep your vibe high all super simple but sometimes if good to have a reminder… Eat well cook check out recipes […]

Mentoring by Mr Jason Grant

Hello friends  I love constantly evolving  We are all in this together and whilst I’m lucky that many aspects of my business as a stylist, designer and creative consultant are able to be done remotely which just quietly I rather like I have decided to add some additional new services and will take on a few new […]

Friday Cocktail

Happy Friday – you deserve it! South side spritz is easy as its like a Mojito but with gin! Brookies Gin (my favourite) + Mint + Lime and soda who said summer has to be over! always drinks responsibly