Dinosaur Designs Atmosphere

Atmosphere is the latest collection from Dinosaur Designs

I love visiting their Sydney Studio where everything is created, its a creative, inspiring, magical space and I always leave feeling inspired. Their latest collection is online and in store now click here to shop

Photography Jason Loucas Styling Vanessa Austin

my Australia

Recently Condé Nast Traveler declared Australia THE place to travel to in 2016 devoting many of its pages to our sunny shores, we may have known this already but as in all things its always great to be validated! I will share every now and then a few of My Australia (home) favourites right here, these mostly favourite swimming spots below are all walking distance to home, yes we ARE the Lucky Country!

All Photography Mr Jason Grant
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du zen accessories

Im loving the new accessories from Du Zen!  born out of a desire to create wonderfully crafted leather accessories that embody multi-functionality and a sense of play.

Applying her industrial design background, creator Samantha Rogers (nee Duzenman) is fully immersed in every stage of the design process from conception to manufacture.

Always the perfect balance of playful and bold while still being practical, the Du Zen! design philosophy is epitomized by smart silhouettes and pops of colour.

The collection features wallets, pouches, clutches, backpacks, satchels and bags. All made locally and with great attention to detail.

Made exclusively from Du Zen! HQ in Melbourne, Australia since 2014.

The name Du Zen! is not just derived from her maiden name, Duzenman, but it is also an imperative sentence, calling to take action in a creative sense, hence the exclamation mark!

click here to see more

Styling: Marsha Golemac

Photography: Brooke Holm


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mark tuckey table top project

The Team at Mark Tuckey make some of the best locally made timber furniture, I like that its simple and honest.

They asked myself and some other cool creatives to create our ultimate festive table.

I of course added my signature relaxed but colourful style to their painted rail dining table
32mm wormy chestnut
2700 x 920 x 750mm h
finish: oil with steel rail powder coated white

Timber and pops of colour is pretty much my favourite way to decorate!

Bluce Spruce from Pearsons Florist

Hay Kaleido Trays from Yellow Bungalow

Bee’s wax candles from Queen B

Feathers from Have you met Miss Jones

Shirt from Jac + Jack

Prawns and Pavlova from Thomas Dux

Ginger Beer from Capi


Photography Cam Bloom


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atelier by dinosaur designs

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy the duo behind Dinosaur Designs present their newest collection Atelier.

I’m loving the bold and bright pops of colour. The collection also included candles and textiles, its in store and online now.

Click here to view the entire collection and to buy

Photography Earl Carter

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lost in paradise – blacklist

I have long been a fans of Sydney based studio Blacklist

Nathan and Jaynie are really nice people and I love their simple, graphic artworks along with their uplifting message . Its hard to open a decorating magazine or watch a renovating show with out spotting something from their work. It seems being loved up is “totally in fashion”

new collection available now click here to buy



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