SUPER cyclers

MrJasonGrant isnt in Milan BUT Liane Rossler and Sarah K ARE showing their NEW project they are supercyclers! Showing at the Other Hemisphere their first of many collaborations “Plastic Fantastic” is a very clever idea – plastic bags melted down and re(super)cycled into beautiful objects. green is not good its is beautiful! Images thanks to […]

big green idea

click here for more details Because GREEN is good!

greenhouse by Joost

MrJasonGrant was of course excited to check out GreenHouse by Joost popping up in The Rocks at Sydney Harbour (before a world wide tour). It’s a waste free restaurant (built out of shipping containers) complete with a rooftop garden and bespoke furniture, its one totally “green” machine. ¬†Demonstrating the virtues of Green/Sustainable Living. To learn […]