small changes

lets get woke!

Small change can actually make big change

Im starting to think no one really cares…

We all should care! and try to be better humans for the planet

Heres a few ways I’m trying to make a difference…

no plastic takeaway containers

compostable dog (poo) bags from compost-a-pak

no need to put your rubbish in plastic bags put it straight into the bin

keeping reusable bags in the car for the supermarket

buying fresh produce not in plastic

plastic container free shampoo bars from lush

avoiding the take away coffee cups – either sit down, use a travel cup or have coffee at home – try Sipp Instant

part time vegan eating way less red meats and dairy ( I have replaced cows milk with coconut milk) I’m not sure how this will play out maybe eventually full-time… try Herbidoor or Brown Paper eats for vegan/vegetarian meals

solar powered (my home/studio is thanks top an awesome land lord)

no palm oils check the labels

reducing waste

buying less – having less stuff




walking (helps having g a cute dog) and riding my bike more

my next project my own vegetable garden – excited to begin growing my own vegetables and herbs and maybe some fruit

no plastic bags – duh! not even those stupid durable (reusable) ones replacing simple use plastic bags

no plastic straws – a smoothie, juice or cocktail just doesn’t need one and  if you really do need one use a metal or glass one

no cling wrap ( I reuse jars instead)

I would love to hear more ways you carte making a change! tag me on Instagram





fun with canon

I love taking photos and printing things out, Canon  make all this possible with Canon Creative Park its super easy to print a library of fun things (for free) from this site – take a look!

We printed out fun props for a DIY (easy as) photo booth perfect for all kinds of parties and for heaps of fun photos!

click here to see how

Photos Jacqui Turk

happy easter

Happy Easter- I hope you enjoy the long weekend!

Its all about relaxing this weekend ( for me) and perhaps some chocolate hot cross buns with butter and salted caramel sauce from Taste Byron Bay YUM!

Rabbit Plate West Elm

Cake stand Melissa Lellouche

Table Linen Major Minor Sydney

Yellow Bowl Mud Australia 

Eggs painted in Murobond “Jellyfish” and “Foam”


make your own photobook with canon and photopico

I am excited to have teamed up with Canon Australia to inspire you to print your photos and also put them on display in your home, the first project is making your very personalised photobook

So when you love Bondi, Byron Bay and your Boston Terrier ( Sophia) so much like I do! what better way of capturing these moments than making a special book (my gift to me)

Since I know a little about publishing and making books, I can tell you making your very own (personal book) perhaps for an occasion like a wedding, the birth of a child or an awesome holiday or many more things, is a great idea! What I love about creating these books is they are like a time capsule of a specific moment, a memory to hold onto, somethings tangible to keep and to flick through. I do love being nostalgic – call me sentimental!

Here is my step by step of how to make your own:

Log on to PhotoPico – the easiest part right!
Select photo books in the menu.
Download the design tools.
Select start and then your chosen size and look of your book.
Start laying out – the design tool allows you to easily add, upload and place your own photos in your book. Play around with this for awhile until you get the hang of it – if like me it takes a few minutes but once you get the hang of it its actually really easy – it just takes a little patience.
Save – once your book layout is complete, hit save and order your project and it will be sent to you in approximately seven working days.
I chose a square book as it fit with my images beautifully. It’s now on my coffee table ready for anyone to flick through.

Photography Jacqui Turk

Rug West Elm

Table Bludot

Candle Palm Beach Collection

Cup Dibern from Robert Burton

Glasses Bailey Nelson

Camera Canon

lets get merry

Its December, Christmas is coming well actually for a stylist its been here for quite awhile already.

This year I have decided for a simple Christmas at Home.

I made a Little Merry (literally) and added a cute little tree and that all…

For the “cheers “and “merry” letters I printed out templates I downloaded online on coloured paper and then cut them out with scissors then used a hole punch to make holes and thread string thru and taped them up – Super easy!

Tree Into The Wild

Rope Basket, Cork House decoration and Leather Cushion MJG 

Prints Pampa and Kara Rosenlund and Aqua Bumps

Light box Page thirty three

Sofa and String Scout

Peppermint Bark William Sonoma (delicious)

Glass Denver and Leily

Plate Koskela

Errol bench Temperature Design

Photos Jason Grant taken on Canon at Casa MJG


fullsizerender-33 fullsizerender-34 fullsizerender-35

yellow! escape the winter blues

Yellow is my go to happy shade. Its winter and cold here in Sydney, so my best tip making it through the cooler months is to inject a pop of your favourite shade to your day/space.

Big or small you can’t underestimate the power of colour, use this surprisingly easy to use shade to add some sunshine to your home, it really does work with just about everything! Think artworks, accessories, cushions and more.

All Photos Lauren Bamford


HaH_everyday luxury_6018 copyHaH_away-at-home_078-600x756"HaH_home decorating_5915 LLB_1577 LLB_3862

the new (minimalist) me

As a stylist I am of course a collector, I try not to be a hoarder ( I really do!) but I do have a lot of stuff. Often things are coming and going for shoots (the joys of working from home) and can feel rather hectic.

Recently photographing my home for an up coming project I have become a little more ruthless, preferring to have less things.I dont mean to have an empty cold home but a home with heart and soul. I’m by no means a neat freak but I like order and sometimes my home can feels like organized chaos. So I am rethinking everything and editing what I have. I think its responsible to consider all purchases for the home before we take the plunge – really theres only a limited number of cushions we really do need at home!

Of course I always like to recycle and reuse when disposing of items often donating to charity or a good old fashioned garage sale or passing on to lucky friends.

I like to call it “The new Minimalist” keeping things simple  and creating a comfortable and harmonious home.

Be Free Print pictured from Blacklist buy it here

Book “A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life” by Mary Randolph Carter