new murobond collection colour memory

I am pretty lucky to partner with Murobond Paints to create colour palettes a couple of times a year – it is so much fun seeing the colours I have dreamed up come to life, my latest collection “Colour Memory” is now available. We shot some images for the collection at one of my favourite places- Bronte Pool, it’s a very special place – if ever I am feeling tired or a little flat a swim there fixes everything.

Colour evokes memories, colour is ingrained into our brains. Colour makes me happy. When working on this collection it became apparent that colours that I have been drawn to have a history , I have been reminded sometimes by accident that these colours are trapped in my memory, inspiration for them is all around that sometimes I am unaware of their impact. Be it the colour of a cute house from years ago or a painted fence that I pass often or even the colour of the rocks at Bronte pool. This colour palette combines dusty faded neutrals, warm summer shades and a few pops of zesty colour as you would expect to create a sunny but mellow collection. I even named one colour after my good friend Artist and colour muse Kirra Jamison. I hope you enjoy! Check out the colours here

Available now from Murobond and selected other stockists

Images  thanks to Chris Prestidge



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CCWphoto copy 3C Coconut Water


Murobond “gone fishing”

Mr Jason Grants latest paint collection for Murobond “Gone Fishing” is available from today online and in store from HERE

Creating paint collections is a fun part of his job but one of the best parts is coming up with the names. This collection has names like Pelican (a favourite feathered friend and also his new favourite shade of white) Jelly Fish and tippy toes (fun shades of pink) Basket and Knot (sandy neutrals) with Gull and Van (dreamy blues).

Many of the colours were dreamt up from inspiration whilst shooting his upcoming book.

Oh and if you were wondering yes its common place for his wardrobe to end up matching the paint colours! yes his brand new neuw denim chinos are just the right shade of Gull (blue)

The wonderful Natalie (Mr Jason Grant’s go- to Melbourne Girl) also pictured here helping out on the shoot.

Photography many thanks to Lauren Bamford

coming soon – murobond 4th collection

Mr Jason Grant’s 4th paint collection with Murobond will officially launch Thursday the 6th of September and be available to purchase online and in store.

Whats the vibe you ask? think dreamy summer shades with a few signature pops of colour.

With names like Tippy Toes, Pelican, Jelly Fish, Shack, Gull, Foam and Knot you can get the drift.

Heres a little taste of whats to come, click here for more details

images courtesy of Lauren Bamford

empire vintage murobond makeover

If you didn’t already know Lyn Gardener has one on the best Vintage Stores around and also has an amazing eye for style. The store is filled with hard to find treasures which Lyn sources from all over.

Check out here Store online here and be sure to visit in person.

We were delighted when Lyn told us of her plans to update Her store and to use Murobond on the walls and Floors to do so.

The shop looks AMAZING!

Floors in Ash & Moonlight

Walls In Night Owl

Oh and How cute is Her Shop dog Jack!

Photography thanks to Lauren Bamford