Nature art work shop

You may have spotted on Instragram last Thursday and Friday that I attended the inaugural creative workshop at River Hawk Ranch an immersion into art and nature with Dominique Sutton 

To say the workshop was amazing is an understatement , a couple, of days deep in art and nature on a beautiful property by the river in Brunswick heads was magical.

We foraged for materials and tools, painted by the river and in the new studio at River Hawk

Lucky there is going to be more click here to see more and to find out about other workshops

Photo Jason Grant


Mr Jason Grant just discovered something he had to share OOAK.

Take a look at the images below – what are they you may ask? they are found objects from nature all set in resin, frozen in time all created by Parish Stapleton in his studio in Redfern Sydney.

Capturing the beauty of nature each come in a beautiful timber box.

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