abigail ahern

Recently whilst in Melbourne “Mr” Jason Grant had some one on one time with the amazing Abigail Ahern (UK susper duper designer)  She is totally inspiring and rather lovely also and totally His New Best Friend!!

“MR” Jason Grant was pleased to hear she is a fan of His Murobond paint collection

Her 3 fave shades are Faraway, Dark Night and Found! loving those moody dark tones!

arc (factory) angels

Day to day I work with heaps of people behinds the scenes including a heap of PR agencies, calling in merchandise for shoots is a big part of being a stylist. Magazines don’t just happen, we just happen to make it look easy! with a little help from some special friends….

Today I saw the girls at Arc Factory. ( Jess, Tess and Camilla)
It’s fun dropping by their showroom for all things Country Road and Sheridan, they certainly make my life easier and a whole lot of fun!
Oh and I also get to see everything before its in the stores, now that is FUN!