montreux * pop up house *

Hold onto your hats the cat’s out of the bag!!

Montreux AKA Trove Trading is one of “Mr” Jason Grant favourite Melbourne hidden gems.

It’s a best keep secret for A-M-A-Z-I-N-G vintage, antique and Industrial furniture and objects all priced very reasonalbly. Its also owned by one of the loveliest people “Mr” Jason Grant has met in ages!!

They are holding a pop up house NOT to be missed, with rooms filled with all kinds of wonderful treasures.


23 Grattan Street Prahran


Wednesday 27 of July til Tuesday 2 August

OPEN 10am to 4pm

hers is a little peek of what you may find – but be quick!

PS  they also have a lovely Blog here

behind the scenes 24/ labour crew

MrJasonGrant may be some kind of superman (in the realms of styling) but he can not do everything by himself. Yes he has help, Yes He has 2 fabulous (and pretty assistants) who make his work life much easier.

But day in day out its 24/7 Labour Crew (His removalists of choice) that make it all happen. Picking up furniture and other large items all across town from MrJasonGrants list delivering to shoot locations. The team at 24/7 are friendly, well presented, efficient and totally recomended by MrJasongrant and several other super stylists!

stylist secret

Ever wondered what happens after a BIG shoot?, well after lots of packing up and couriers etc, after standing on my feet all day all i want to do is relax, the BEST way to do this I have found is an EPSOM SALT bath (375 gram box for $2.62 from coles)
fill the bath up pour in the epsom salts and your favorite bath gel (for some bubbles of course!) turn on some soothing tunes and drift away-BLISS!
it’s great to aleviate those aches and pains and i hear from a mystic friend of mine that an epsom salt bath cleanses your aura.
PS bathing with a “friend” is good for the planet!