fjura studio visit

Flowers are really the icing on the cake – be it for your home, an event or a special little gift for someone. Mr Jason Grant has a number of go-to florists he works with Simone Gooch of Fjura is one of these very talented people.  Just like any other creative each florist has their own very distinct style or floral persona. Simone is understated and her flowers are truly wonderful, she creates signature looks of any scale with seasonal flowers and striking foliage. Simone manages to create floral wonders that are distinct and magical, her arrangements are considered but not over-worked. She works almost anonymously (without the traditional shop front) from a secret space at Carriage Works creating just the right amount of floral drama and magic for events, corporate clients, flowers for gifts and for stylists too.

Take a look at her creative space below and click here to get in touch

Images Simon Bernhardt