further details

Ok so MrJasonGrant answered some questions on the contributors page of the latest issue of Inside Out Magazine, (refer previous post) here are a few more details in case you were wondering….

so what is His signature drink? A Gin and Tonic in a tall glass of course! or something off the cocktail menu at Lo-Fi Bar if He is feeling Adventurous!

Which Orange Penguin is MrJasonGrant reading?  Gulliver’s Travels. He also loves to read Monocle Magazine.

why Does He whistle while he works- Because He LOVES his job!!

which bed linen does He love? Castle, Frank & Mint and Sheridan

which beach towels does he take to the beach? Jac + Jack of course plus Country Road.

MrJasonGrants linen Cupboard is very FULL! and YES in case you were wondering he IS obsessed with Caravans, Kombi Vans and Beetles!