lola berry’s happy place

Author/Nutritionist Lola Berry and coffee mastermind, Salvatore Malatesta (of St. Ali) have joined forces to launch “Happy Place” juice bar and café within the heart of South Melbourne Market. With the ultimate goal to deliver a sense of health and happiness to each and every customer, the aptly named “Happy Place”

The design for Happy Place reflects the brand’s philosophy for raw and organic yet playful a health food product. Raw and organic elements are reflected through a mix of earthy and ‘monolithic’ concrete and stone materials, which have been used in bold but playful ways through their curved, organic form. Striking pops of colour against softer subdued tones, a featured transparent glazed cool room and reflective ceiling elements together highlight a healthy and playful experience for the Happy Place customer. Energising crystals will be structurally placed throughout the space to create an atmospheric energy that will encourage feelings of happiness and self-connectivity. The project was made possible thanks to super clever interior designer Fiona Lynch

Happy Place is open 7 days a week, opening 7am-5pm. Stall 56 – South Melbourne Market, Cecil St, South Melbourne

Photo Credit Armelle Habib

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