i love enamelware!

MJG loves summer and isn’t such a big fan of winter but when the weather is cold He loves a hearty, home cooked meal – comfort foods, you really can’t beat a Bread and Butter Pudding or a classic Roast in winter right?! and what better way to prepare and serve it but with enamelware. Falcon Enamelware made the best and have so since the 1920s its really a British classic and very Jamie Oliver too! MJG loves the classic blue rim and his collection is growing.

Falcon Enamelware available from the following

In store or online at Girl and Graaf

In store at Koskela (you may have eaten off it at Kitchen by Mike also)

Online at Vintage and Nostalgia




falcon-bake-set-cooking_1024x1024 falcon-pie-set-cooking_1_1024x1024 falcon-prep-set-cooking_1024x1024