Moving forward…

I try to be present in the now, I only know one way at that is forward

I’m not quite sure how to go back to “normal programming” here on my channels I’m actually not sure I want to…
Bush fires, pandemics, war and floods

Here on these channels I share my work, creativity and feel good style – always in an optimistic light but this no longer seems enough

The recent events here in the northern rivers have been heartbreaking seeing so many loose so much but also seeing how wonderful our community is has given me hope 

So many everyday people doing amazing things 
Moving forward is the only way and we can only do this together 
Change on so many levels seems necessary for a safe future 
I’m working on initiatives and ideas that can offer long term support to those who need it here in the northern rivers 

If you have a wild idea or want to offer support I’m all ears
Things are going to be different here moving forward using this platform for the good and always remaining hopeful (it’s not easy)