my style- natalie walton

I work with many talented people, Natalie Walton is my office wife. She is the Deputy Editor of Real Living and blogger on

I started at Real Living whilst she was on maternity leave with her little man Mr C. As soon as Natalie came back to work we hit it off!, she has great style and has a fabulous attitude, heres a quick Q & A of what inspires her. She inspires me.

PS the pic was taken by a favorite photographer of mine-Prue Ruscoe and is from the Jan/Feb issue of REAL living.

your fave shop? – clothes: Shona Joy; interiors: The Market New & Old Wares. Both in Bondi. What can I say. I’m a girl of convenience.

your fave website? – I’ve got to confess, I’m pretty addicted to your blog at the moment, Mr Jason Grant.

your fave furniture piece or object? – Currently I can’t get enough of my sofas, which were both recently recycled and revamped.

fave book? – A tie. TS Eliot’s Collected Poems 1909-1962 and The Great Gatsby.

your fave meal? – Anything that’s unpretentious, made with natural ingredients and lots of love – usually cake or pizza.

your fave thing to do on the weekend? – Laugh with Little C.

your fave ice cream flavour? – Blood orange from Pompei’s in Bondi.

what kind of coffee do you drink? – (Oh, the shame!) skim cap

describe your interior style in one word? – Evolving.