my style – tamara maynes

         What best describes what you do?
Juggling! Essentially I am a designer of products and craft, but I’m also a specialised maker. As a product designer I develop products in house for Orson & Blake which can be anything from fashion to ceramics. My most recent personal venture into product design is Bus Roll Tea Towels. Bold, printed cotton tea towels based on the iconic bus roll. My online store The Six Week Boutique is where I sell my designer craft kits. It’s a real passion for me and I love working with the homespun techniques I explored as a child of the 70’s. As a specialised maker I create props for editorial along with my original designer craft and commissioned pieces. 
What makes your house a home?
Having been a renter for the past twenty years I have made a ridiculous total of sixteen houses into my home. Number seventeen is coming up in the next month and although it’s always inspiring faced with four new walls, I am exhausted! Having moved around so much I have come to realise simply having my husband and our cat join me makes any house feel like home.
Describe your interior style?
Heavy on roadside and auction finds with a sprinkling of modern pieces, my signature craft everywhere and a little bit of rock n’ roll courtesy of my musician husband.

         What is your Favourite thing in your home?
This changes constantly but at the moment its a particular desk and chair combo. I recently painted my old timber school desk which I used to do my homework on as a child in Porters Aniseed. The most divine darkest charcoal paint ever! It’s the perfect match for my old timber swivel chair found on the side of the road which I recovered in worn black leather. A large black and white ‘home sweet home’ tapestry that took me over 60hrs to stitch takes pride of place upholstered onto its back.
Best tip for decorating?
Be yourself! Take the time to discover your own style and you will have the confidence to decorate well. 
Sydney’s best kept/worst kept secret?
Best kept, snorkelling at Clovelly beach. Worst, The Salvation Army Store at St.Peters in Sydney (aka Tempe Tip). I went there as a teenager when it was literally a shed in the middle of a garbage dump and it was a rummagers heaven. Once word got out, it became organised – no longer a rummagers heaven!
Favourite shop (interiors and fashion)
Gorman stores would have to be one of my fashion favourites. You gotta love a floor to ceiling tree in a space! My favourite interiors shop is Orson and Blake… but of course I’m biased! For vintage interiors David met Nicole in Surry Hills does it for me every time.
Favourite market
I never regret a trip to Rozelle Markets in Sydney and I love Melbourne‘s Camberwell Markets. My all-time favourite Holly Hobbie-esque dress was found there in a still dark 7am scrabble. The best.
Favourite thing to do on the weekend
It’s the sleep in, hands down! 
Favourite place for breakfast and dinner
I follow a pretty strict Vegan diet so eating out doesn’t really work. These days the fave place to eat any meal of the day is in our kitchen. We give it a good workout with lots of fresh, organic, everything free ingredients!
Who inspires you?  
There are lots of creatives I find inspiring like photographer Tim Walker and my heroine PJ Harvey, but my everyday motivation comes from the people around me who are doing their thing. I think it takes real guts to chase your dreams, whatever they are.