my style – tomek archer

I am Impressed by people that can do one thing well but when someone excels at two very creative fields well I want to do more, case in point Tomek, He is part of electro pop band Van She and is also a furniture designer, I really like his music and I really like his peg leg Table (which is available from Anibou and is pictured here).

describe what you do?

I play music and draw pictures of things for other people to make.

your fave shop? (fashion and interiors)

Anibou. No hype. Nothing to prove.

your fave website or blog?

Next week it will be my new website if I can find the time to put together some content.

It will also have a journal for things I do (in design) outside the collection…

Can’t wait to read it I’m not quite sure what will be on there.

sydneys best keep secret?

Nice try.. The whole interview was a front just so you could ask this question….!

your fave furniture piece or object at home?

This amazing old English etching.. Is huge at about 600mm x 900mm and it’s printed in an amazing brown ink with a simple timber and gold leaf frame.

fave book?

My Macbook Pro

your fave meal?

Ice cream

drink of choice?

Coconut juice – straight outta the nut!

your fave movie? song? moment?

The moment when Sexual Chocolate performed George Benson’s song The Greatest Love Of All in Eddie Murphy’s movie Coming To America.

your fave thing to do on the weekend?

Teleport to a special place…

your fave ice cream flavour?

Without getting into esoteric territory I prefer chocolate over vanilla.

night owl or morning person?

Both or neither depending on the week.

what kind of coffee do you drink?

Strong coffee

describe your interior style in one word?


who/what inspires you?

Clean air