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The Desk Top Pot is a new range of indoor pots designed and made by The Fortynine Studio Drawing on the beauty of plants and the simplicity of natural materials, the bold and animated character of the Desk Top Pots brings life to any indoor space.

The design emerged from the problem of keeping indoor plants well-watered, healthy and happy; without worrying about water leaks, condensation, or the constant rotation and moving of pots.

“We really want people to be close to nature in their everyday lives, both at work and at home,” says Ben Elbourne, co-founder and designer at The Fortynine Studio. “In fact, we’ve just installed a bunch of Desk Top Pots at a new Sydney o ce development, which is really exciting for us. The Desk Top Pot encourages a strong connection to nature through both the plants, and the use of raw, earthy terracotta in making the pot.”

The pots are made to neatly t a standard 140mm plastic pot available from any nursery. This allows the plants to easily be swapped out and changed when needed. The feet allow air ow under the pot so there is no build-up of condensation, making the pots safe for any surface. The pots are glazed internally to ensure they are watertight.

The range is handmade by The Fortynine Studio in Marrickville, Sydney. Each pot is hand decorated with slip in various patterns, giving each its own unique character. Harriet Watts, co-founder and designer at The Fortynine Studio says:

“We love working with terracotta, it’s such a beautiful and workable material. It’s really fun making these pots and putting personality into each one. There are moments in the making process when you stop and really think ‘ok, what will work best with the form, character and small imperfections of this piece’”.

The pots use clay from Western Sydney and are once- red using solar power to minimise their environmental impact.

Take a look below at a look inside their process and studio

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Photos Jacqui Turk and Andy Lewis

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