opus paddington

Opus Paddington is that iconic green boutique that first opened its doors on Paddington’s Oxford Street way back in 1968. 47 years later, the brand is Australia’s biggest lifestyle store offering an eclectic mix of homewares, gifts and lifestyle items sourced by its expert team from around the world.

The entrepreneurial Tourgelis family has been at the helm of OPUS for over four decades, through the retail booms and the tough times (including Paddington’s recent struggles). They continue to move forward – team OPUS opening its brand new refurbished Paddington store The heritage building has been modernized inside across three spacious floors, while still retaining the traditional Paddington heritage of the exterior. With more space comes an even larger selection of premium lifestyle products and collections, head in store to find all kinds of gifts, furniture, homewards and books – including mine!

Opus 354 Oxford St Paddington

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