pan after store visit

Like a lot of great things in Melbourne Pan After is tucked away down a lane way and up stairs. It’s well worth the adventure and once you find it you will be back again often.

Recently I have been in Melbourne working on a number of exciting projects and only have had a few spare moments to catch up with some of may favourite stores.

Like a great home a great shop is of course filled with nice things, however just like a home its that little magic that sets its apart to make it special, walking into Pan after it is special not only is the space amazing ( an old warehouse space with beautiful light) and not just because it is filled with heaps of wonderful things –  new, handmade and vintage from all around the world but it just feels good, it’s hard to put your finger on it to exactly explain the magic behind this, but i happen to think that good people have good energy and so do their shops. This is one of Melbourne (if not Australia’s) best shops.


Pan After Rear 125 Franklin Street Melbourne Thursday to Sunday 10am – 4pm


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