paradise found

Ok so not every job I work on is this special, last week I spent 2 amazing days on the border of Queensland and NSW in Paradise at what can be only described as a magical property in a lush bush setting owned my some of the nicest/loveliest people you could ever meet ( I mean who every gets such marvellous floral leis as a thank you gift when u leave!) It was a house shoot for a publication but it was fully immersive for me and the team I worked with.

To be honest my work/life looks petty awesome on Instagram (the whole point of the edit right?) I look super busy always ( I am) but always have time for new projects – so don’t be afraid of getting in touch, the truth is life is pretty good, I work hard but to be honest I always have fun, I love the life I have created. Don’t get me wrong being a stylist is HARD WORK the perception is that its a super glamorous  job with heaps of perks (true) but the bottom line being a stylist involves a lot of things that are not styling or remotely glamorous! I love my job and the reality is fabulous! and I have created this through hard work and enthusiasm and yes last week I was sent to Paradise and it was work!


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