Because I work solo a lot of the time on the daily when I’m in my studio, I often at the end of the day feel like I haven’t completed nearly enough, yes I am hard on myself and learning now that this isn’t the way forward.
It’s not until I chat with friends usually on a morning walk, over coffee or even a quick chat about my previous day and updating them on my work and current projects ( I love and appreciate my cheerleaders and sounding boards) that I then realise and they confirm too I have actually in fact been quite productive
I guess all I’m saying is to be kind to yourself and productive however that looks for you is better than just being busy and grumpy – I really love what I do 
For me creativity comes in waves but not always to a set schedule 
I’ve been working on a few exciting things that I can’t wait to share when the time is right 
Side note – as you may have noticed my hair is getting quite long and now I’m dreaming of short back and sides…
Pic from shorter days