Dinosaur Designs Atmosphere

Atmosphere is the latest collection from Dinosaur Designs

I love visiting their Sydney Studio where everything is created, its a creative, inspiring, magical space and I always leave feeling inspired. Their latest collection is online and in store now click here to shop

Photography Jason Loucas Styling Vanessa Austin

colour block by dinosaur designs

Colour Block is the latest collection from Australian design duo Stephan Ormandy and Louise Olsen from Dinosaur Designs

Colour block is signature Dinosaur Designs collection – Bold colour pops in organic free form shapes in metal and resin. Its a colourful fiesta!

“There is a wonderful, playful nature to this collection. In the same way that you play with blocks as a child, it’s about adding and subtracting colour to your body or your home’s interiors.” – Louise Olsen

Available now online and in store

Styled by Mark Vassallo photographed by Bec Parsons and modelled by Duckie Thot

dinosaur-designs_colour-block_jewellery_assorted-brass-bangles dinosaur-designs_colour-block_jewellery_assorted-coloured-rings dinosaur-designs_colour-block_jewellery_assorted-rings dinosaur-designs_colour-block_jewellery_blue-and-grey-bangle-stack dinosaur-designs_colour-block_jewellery_coloured-bangle-stack dinosaur-designs_colour-block_jewellery_coloured-bangle-stack_totems dinosaur-designs_colour-block_jewellery_polished-bangles dinosaur-designs_colour-block_homewares_assorted-blue-homewares dinosaur-designs_colour-block_homewares_assorted-orange-vases dinosaur-designs_colour-block_homewares_salt-dishes dinosaur-designs_colour-block_homewares_single-large-vase dinosaur-designs_colour-block_homewares_single-redorange-vase dinosaur-designs_colour-block_homewares_vases_block-coloursdinosaur-designs_colour-block_homewares_vases_block-colours

new dinosaur designs moss collection

Dinosaur Designs Duo Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy launch their newest collection, Moss, just in time for winter.

Moss is inspired by the dewy undergrowth of an autumn morning, with a wonderful palette of lush greens reminiscent of ancient mosses that carpet forest floors and thrive on the rich soils that lie underfoot. Hues are balanced, restful and soothing, combined with jewellery and homewares forms inspired by earth, rocks and flowers.

Moss introduces new classic brass jewellery and homewares, rendered in shapes that connect directly with nature. New Organic Ball earrings and necklaces, for example, draw on dewdrops for inspiration and paperweights evoke the smooth contours of stones.

Head in store or click here to see more and to buy online

Photography by Rose Erdelyi and styled by Louise Olsen


1.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Brass_Jewellery 2.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Vases_Green 3.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Dish_Bangles 4.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Jars 5.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Jewellery_Homewares_Bangles 7.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Liquid_Orchid 8.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Platters_ Assorted 9.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Leaf_Pendant 10.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Platters_Pepper_Grinder 12.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Rings 13.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Earring 14.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Vases_Metals 16.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Scupltures 17.Dinosaur_Designs_Moss_Vases_Liquid

black marble collection dinosaur designs

Black Marble is the 2016 showcase collection, by Dinosaur Designs’ Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy.

The collection features a monochromatic palette, with black and white pigment blended to create intricate marble textures, evoking a sense of mystery and drama. Polished and matt surfaces provide contrast, and brass and muted tones of stone white and grey add fresh accents. In the homewares, boulder forms dominate, and classic Dinosaur Designs shapes such as the Earth Bowl and Pebble Vase take on dark, charcoal hues marbled with white. There are two additions to the range, a new brass rock ornament and a brass vase; artful statement pieces which add a golden accent to the Black Marble collection.

In the jewellery range, organic petal and pebble inspired motifs create dramatic yet wearable pieces. Black Marble incorporates iconic shapes from collections such as Rainforest and Flower, brought together under a unifying colour palette.

Says Louise Olsen of the collection, “It has been wonderful to explore the complexity and beauty of black marble through resin, and to work with a darker colour palette. It’s always so surprising how much a form is changed by its colour and texture. The Black Marble casting has brought a completely different look and feel to some of our classic shapes and styles, and I love that its mood is quite different to the rest of the Dinosaur Designs collection.”

Black Marble will be available in Dinosaur Designs’ Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, London and online stores from 1st March 2016. Internationally renowned photographer Hugh Stewart shot the collection flower by Tracy Deep Floral Sculptures

Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Grinders Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Jewellery_Black_Brass Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Jug Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Medium_Vase Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Servers_Salt_And_Pepper_Grinders Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Vase_Black Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homewares_Vase Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Homwares_Platter_Vase Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Jewellery_Bangles Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Jewellery_Homwares_Vases_White_Black Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Jewellery_Necklaces_Sculptures Dinosaur_Designs_Black_Marble_Hugh_Stewart_Jewellery_Neckring

dinosaur designs celebrate 30 years

CONGRATULATONS to Local Aussie Favourite Dinosaur Designs who are Celebrating 30 years this year. To Celebrate this milestone Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen have released Rainforest to mark the special occasion.

In true Dinosaur Designs style its bold, colourful and optimistic!

Shop the collection online here

photographed by Bart Celestino

dinosaur_designs_rainforest_olsen_ormandy_bart_celestino_homewares_earth-bowls_assorted-640x427 dinosaur_designs_rainforest_olsen_ormandy_bart_celestino_homewares_large_medium_stone_vases-640x427 dinosaur_designs_rainforest_olsen_ormandy_bart_celestino_homewares_stone_servers_malachite_assorted-640x848


stephen ormandy and louise olsen show at art15 london

Celebrated Australian Artists and co-founders of Dinosaur Designs Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen unveil their latest body of work, in partnership with the Olsen Irwin gallery, at ART15 London, held at Olympia from 21 – 23 May 2015. It is the first time that the pair has shown at the London art fair, and their works will appear alongside other artists from the Olsen Irwin stable, including works by Lucien Freud, Henry Moore, Nicholas Harding and John Olsen.

Stephen Ormandy’s paintings (below) and sculptures are inspired by the natural world. The foundation of his painting is a strong design element together with a great understanding of the nuance and potential of colour and form. He works with solid colour and soft organic shapes which bounce off each other, creating an enduring vibrancy. In the works on show in London,

Ormandy explores the intersection of the natural world with the digital age, using line, tone, shape and colour. His sculptures, created from marble and gesso on pine, bring a 3D element to this exploration of the relationship between the digital and natural world.

Louise Olsen will be exhibiting a collection of Liquid Moon tables and her new Moon table inspired by natural forms (below) including a selection of new pieces which resemble artful agate forms with mesmerising patterns. The colours range from cool blues to vibrant warm orange and red tones, with a smaller table in a rich yellow. Each table is a created by hand in the iconic Dinosaur Design resin.

Talk Talk by Stephen OrmandyGuardian by Stephen Ormandy Liquid Moon (Large) by Louise Olsen Liquid Moon (Medium) by Louise Olsen Liquid Moon tables by Louise Olsen

flower by Dinosaur Designs

Im loving this latest collection by Aussie Design Heroes Dinosaur Designs.

As always there is a beauty in simplicity this one is all about the shapes – the inspiration is apparent Flower.

I was lucky enough to recently visit their London and New York Stores where Flower was in store in full bloom.

click here to view and to buy online everywhere or head in store here in Australia,London or New York.

dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-blue-cream-platters-homewares-dishes dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-blue-green-platter-plates-dishes-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-blue-homewares-platter-plate-scatter dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-blue-platter-homewares-plate dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-closeup-platters-green-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-coral-blue-bowl-spoons-dishes dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-cream-homewares-set-platters-bowls-dishes dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-detail-homewares-platter-plates dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-platter-homewares-dishes-purple dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-platters-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-purple-platter-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-scatter-homewares-platters-dishes dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-scatter-servers-salad-homewares dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-spoons-homewares-purple-orange-blue dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-flower-vases-small-medium-tall-scatter

blue – new from dinosaur designs


Design Duo Stephan Ormandy and Louise Olsen of Dinosaur Designs have launched Blue their latest collection and it is an awesome exploration in all shades of the hue that is blue. Available in their signature home wares and jewellery the collection is a bold statement in my (second) favourite colour.

Inspired by the many colours of the sky from morning to late at night and also chance colours in the hand mixing process (remember all of dinosaurs designs wares are all hand made here in Sydney) It’s no surprise Im loving this new collection. True blue I love you!

Shop the collection online here or head in store her in Australia, New York and London


dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-28dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-36dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-1 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-2 copy dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-3 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-4 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-5 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-7 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-10 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-12 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-18 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-19 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-37

jac + jack x dinosaur designs towel collaboration

Jac + Jack have collaborated with Dinosaur designs ( for the second time) on some seriously awesome beach towels (and hand towels)

Available from today online at Jac + Jack and Dinosaur Designs as well as in store in their Australian London and NewYork stores.

Bold, colourful and graphic they are fun statement towels for summer!

Photography Francois Bidouet
Styled by Megan Morton



Jac+ Jack + Dinosaur Designs 1 LR Jac+ Jack + Dinosaur Designs 2 LR Jac+ Jack + Dinosaur Designs 4 LR Jac+ Jack + Dinosaur Designs 5 LR Jac+ Jack + Dinosaur Designs HT 1 LR Jac+ Jack + Dinosaur Designs HT 3 LR