the broad place

Every now and then I like to share something a little more personal… Today I’m sharing about The Broad Place.

Why Meditate? – well I’m sure you guessed it, I lead a very hectic and super busy life, Im not complaining I am living the life that I love but there needs to be balance and moderation. A Hectic life means and hectic mind I have just started learning Vedic meditation at The Broad Place with Jacqui Lewis.

Meditating twice daily for twenty minute morning and afternoon (ideally) really has improved my well being by helping me focus and keeps me a little more centred.

Jacquie is a very good friend and an excellent teacher I cannot recommend learning from her enough or the Broad Place and I am happy to be on this journey with her. Keep your eyes peeled as the Broad Place is set to become somewhat of a beacon for wellness.

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