the windsor annex

I love discovering new stores I guess it’s part of my job, when a certain vintage store closed on Chapel Street in Windsor (Melbourne) I was waiting to see who or what would take over the brilliant corner shop. The Windsor Annex recently was unveiled and is a brand new retail concept by Elwood. A Retail Menswear store with a very carefully curated product selection (fashion, footwear and accessories) it is a collaboration Between Elwood, Hecker Guthrie (Interior Architecture) and Hunt&Co (brand identity)

The fit out is standout and the detailing very cool. I love the use of pegboard, indoor plants, furniture by Henry Wilson and the metal with leather detail shop fittings. Its a brand new idea executed well. With tough times in the retail sector a store with such direction and personality is a breath of fresh air. I will be sure to be parting with some hard earned cash there very soon.

The Windsor Annex 83 Chapel Street Windsor

Images Armelle Habib


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