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I may now live in Bondi but I did grew up in Melbourne, I’m lucky to be able to visit often and really it is my second home, as we know it is a very cool place! I love the hidden lane ways in the City and the too numerous to mention restaurants and bars and my favourite spot – shopping in Gertrude Street Fitzroy.

Tourism Victoria currently have a very cool interactive campaign called Melbourne Remote Control Tourist – where people all over the world can operate a remote controlled tourist ( hooked up with live cameras – one guy one girl) on the ground in Melbourne to see and explore parts of Melbourne streamed live here

If you have never been it’s a really great way to check out Melbourne and all the great things the city has to offer before you go!

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Melbourne Remote Control Tourist



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west elm melbourne store now open

West Elm Melbourne opens its doors today (10am) including for the first time in Australia West Elm Market – coffee and shopping yes please! The store looks really great and the visual merchandising is impressive, I am particularly in love with the indoor vertical wall garden – yes it is real!

I was lucky enough to have a store tour yesterday to and to attend the launch party last night. Here is your first glimpse inside the 2 level store. Don’t forget if you don’t live in Melbourne (or Sydney) you can shop online here

West Elm  464 Chapel Street South Yarra

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the windsor annex

I love discovering new stores I guess it’s part of my job, when a certain vintage store closed on Chapel Street in Windsor (Melbourne) I was waiting to see who or what would take over the brilliant corner shop. The Windsor Annex recently was unveiled and is a brand new retail concept by Elwood. A Retail Menswear store with a very carefully curated product selection (fashion, footwear and accessories) it is a collaboration Between Elwood, Hecker Guthrie (Interior Architecture) and Hunt&Co (brand identity)

The fit out is standout and the detailing very cool. I love the use of pegboard, indoor plants, furniture by Henry Wilson and the metal with leather detail shop fittings. Its a brand new idea executed well. With tough times in the retail sector a store with such direction and personality is a breath of fresh air. I will be sure to be parting with some hard earned cash there very soon.

The Windsor Annex 83 Chapel Street Windsor

Images Armelle Habib


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trove – store visit

Melbourne has heaps of great stores that i love to visit when in town, a firm favourite is Trove it is totally a treasure trove as the name would suggest. Owner Sue has an eye for all kinds vintage wonderfulness you will find beautiful tables, cabinets and other furniture, interesting objects and all kinds of fabulous not new stuff – no visit is ever the same I love catching up for a chat with Sue and see her latest finds she also has a pretty good eye on Instagram too follow her here

Trove 535 High street Prahran 03 9530 2020

Photos Lauren Bamford

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pan after store visit

Like a lot of great things in Melbourne Pan After is tucked away down a lane way and up stairs. It’s well worth the adventure and once you find it you will be back again often.

Recently I have been in Melbourne working on a number of exciting projects and only have had a few spare moments to catch up with some of may favourite stores.

Like a great home a great shop is of course filled with nice things, however just like a home its that little magic that sets its apart to make it special, walking into Pan after it is special not only is the space amazing ( an old warehouse space with beautiful light) and not just because it is filled with heaps of wonderful things –  new, handmade and vintage from all around the world but it just feels good, it’s hard to put your finger on it to exactly explain the magic behind this, but i happen to think that good people have good energy and so do their shops. This is one of Melbourne (if not Australia’s) best shops.


Pan After Rear 125 Franklin Street Melbourne Thursday to Sunday 10am – 4pm


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west elm melbourne

West Elm’s Melbourne store is well underway – the building receiving a fresh lick of paint and lots of work inside in preparation. for its opening this September. MJG can announce that the Melbourne store will include MARKET – its their version of a great corner store, with lots of great things for the home especially for kitchen and dining and it will be the first in Australia.

West Elm 464 Chapel Street South Yarra COMING SOON! in the mean time you can shop online here

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make me iconic

Make Me Iconic is a Melbourne based design company who creates home wares that brings to life  some very iconic moments mainly from Melbourne –  MJG is loving this cheeky cushion (its reversable)

The rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney is well known, each city having its own personality and distinct charms MJG is fortunate to spend his time between these two great two cities.

Growing up in Melbourne where he also started his styling career before moving to Sydney and Bondi. It’s true they are two of the best cities in the world – which is better? MJG is calling this one a draw!

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the family love tree store visit

MJG loves all things 70’s, all things colourful and the idea of living everyday like you’re on Holiday. New store The Family Love Tree – encapsulates all these in the one place with a fabulous collection for the home. Owner Katie (pictured below) recently opened her own store (she also has a fabulous online store too – so fear not if you’re not in Melbourne).

Whilst in Melbourne MJG had to pop in to take a look. He’s a big fan of the chairs and bed heads but there is plenty more to see too. Including cushions, floor rugs and more.

It’s no surprise that this fabulous business idea came about whilst she was holidaying with her husband – Brilliant!

The Family Love Tree 284 Victoria Street Richmond 03 9429 5864 Now open

Images Lauren Bamford.



the solair chair

The Solair Chair has arrived in Australia. Created in 1972 by industrial designers Fabio Fabiano and  Michelange Panzini in Quebec Canada, the fun light weight plastic and metal chair is suprisingly affordable (they sell here for just over $200)

Mt Jason Grant is in LOVE!

Available in a number of fun colours ( as well as Black or Grey) at $249 there is no excuse but to buy origional design!

to buy online or for more details click here and here or you can buy in store at Amor y locura in Melbourne